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Betting On Draws: The 4 Tips

Identifying matches in which teams could “embrace” is one of the main objectives of sunday bettors.  

1. Find the 2 common features 

Before you bet on an “X”, you need to know which teams are potentially more likely to draw. 

Usually the teams that draw the most have these 2 particular characteristics: 

A) They defend well  

If both teams facing each other have impeccable defences, you can expect a rather static, balanced game with few goals; 

B) They are not very incisive on goal 

Look for teams who take few shots on goal over the course of 90 minutes, or who tend to make frequent mistakes in front of goal. 

If the forwards are not able to make the most of the chances they do manage to create, the game is likely to stay the same and a draw will occur. 

2. Don’t bet without looking at the standings 


Choose matches between teams that are very close to each other. 

As there is no clear favourite and no clear underdog, the teams are more likely to be equal and end the match with a draw. 

3. Find out if a draw is a point gained by both teams.

If a draw is a win-win situation for both teams, mark this match! 

Consider this especially at the end of the season, when for example a draw could keep both teams in the relegation zone. 

The same applies if a draw would favour both teams for qualification for a certain competition (UEFA or Champions League for example). 

So, if there is a hint of a biscuit in the air, think again… 

4. Never Forget Statistics 

Betting On Draws tips

I will never, ever stop telling you that statistics are the greatest ally of a knowledgeable bettor! 

Yes, I know it’s boring to sit there looking at rankings, numbers and data, but if you want to bet on draws in a winning way you have to look at statistics. 

But what statistics should you look at before betting on an X? 

Here are the main ones: 

Look for teams that haven’t drawn for a while and will be facing a team close in the standings. This could be a good opportunity for a straight X;

  • Identify the leagues with the highest percentage of draws,
  • Find out which teams in those leagues tend to draw most often;
  • Did you know that, according to current figures, 1 in 4 Serie A matches ends in a draw? 

I didn’t make it up, I found this data on a statistics website. 

Keep reading the next few lines and I’ll tell you where to find this data quickly, easily and for free… 

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