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How To Use The Home Ground Factor To Your Advantage

And finally we come to the most important part of this guide, the one that I’m sure will interest you the most! 

Before you start betting, I recommend that you take a look at my guide where I give you 10 valuable tips on how to win bets with more awareness. 

But now back to us… 

As we have seen previously, the home ground factor is a very significant element and can undoubtedly influence the outcome of matches.  

Being aware that there is a home advantage can be decisive for our bets. 

And how can I use this advantage in my favour? 

Here are my 5 tips… 

1. Choose teams that play at home and usually have a lot of spectators in attendance 

Home Ground Factor

We can always know how many fans will be present at the stadium. 

How? Simple! 

All professional clubs have an official website and social pages, where they indicate well in advance how many tickets have been sold… and for the duration of the season. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, a team supported by an entire stadium and with an incessant cheering section is at an advantage compared to a team playing away from home. 

This is how Inter, for example, updates the available tickets for their matches on their official website. 

2. Bet On Teams That Often Win At Home

Thanks to statistics, we can assess at any time how familiar a team is with its stadium and its home ground. 

The example of juventus fc comes to our aid to support this advantage.

The italian champion team has improved its performance at home since building its own stadium. 

A playing field that is always in perfect condition, fans only a few metres away and no barriers, and perfect lighting at night are all elements that the old stadium did not have. 

Since 2011, the year the Allianz Stadium was inaugurated, Chiellini and his teammates have only lost 13 times at home, in all competitions… (updated 21/01/2021)  

If you’re curious to find out which teams have beaten Juve at home, take a look here! 

3. Choose Leagues With Accurate And Up-To-Date Statistics  

betting tips

Knowing the statistics and peculiarities of certain leagues is a major advantage for a knowledgeable bettor! 

There are countries where the home ground factor is much more evident than in others. 

In Brazil (Serie A) the home win rate is almost 56%. A very high average compared to the Swedish league (Serie A) where the percentage is around 36%. 

The explanation for this difference lies in the totally different culture of these countries towards the sport. 

In Brazil football is the national sport, the stadiums are huge and the fans are almost always huge and do not fail to support their team.

In Sweden, football is not the most popular sport, the stadiums are small and often do not have more than 15,000 spectators. Only at the most important matches is there a full house.

4. Carefully Consider Travelling With An Away Team

Travelling, however comfortable it may be, causes fatigue.  

Lesser teams from lesser leagues often travel by coach, with journeys often lasting more than three hours.

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