online roulette
Online roulette

Tips to win at online roulette

Roulette in land-based casinos is no different from the online version. In fact, it offers the same odds thanks to the technology used to generate the draws.

First of all, there is the flexibility to compare results and to strategise and analyse what is not working. You can check all the rules, we’ve even laid them out in this article.

It’s very comfortable to play at home and to take breaks without the pressure of being face to face with a dealer.

Remember that the novice bettor’s initial objective should be to maintain funds so that there are no sudden losses.

1. Choose a good casino to play in

If you live here you can’t count on live casinos in the country, but there are several online casinos. They are translated platforms, with service and payment methods geared to public.

They are safe and reliable because they have a protected virtual environment. In addition, they are regulated and audited.

2. Organise your spending

online roulette tips

You need to keep in mind how much money can be invested in the hobby. Remember that roulette is not a source of income, but a way to have fun as in slots or lucky scratch card games.

Therefore, you should set aside an amount, the same way you would for a trip, a trip to the cinema or restaurant.

If things don’t work out too well, don’t be tempted to add more money than expected. This can become a vicious cycle and you don’t want online roulette to become an uncontrollable craze.

3. Don’t change your strategy

Beware of sudden changes in strategy. Going from a cautious betting profile to something appealing can come at a high cost.

Be aware that roulette is a lottery, with chances of winning and losing.

Changing strategy is an act of desperation and unpreparedness, which can lead to losses in drastic situations.

4. Keep a calm mind

After being aware of the previous two tips, nothing better than to calm down, even in case of a loss.

5. Knowing when to stop

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It is not only in moments of consecutive defeats that we should stop. After a successful and profitable bet, it is worth celebrating and leaving the table.

Playing for several hours straight is also not a habit we recommend. Breaks should be taken. In the same way that a cost budget is necessary, time planning is essential. This is a tip that applies to all other casino games as well.

6. Never play American Roulette

Something very important for players intending to win at online roulette is to choose the correct roulette mode. There is more than one version of roulette and not all of them offer real benefits to gamblers.

When it comes to the house edge, we can say that you should not play American Roulette. This is a golden tip and we’ll explain why.

The wheel of any roulette wheel is made up of red and black numbers. However, the 0 is the house that guarantees the house advantage. In a colour bet, if the ball lands on 0, the casino wins.

Likewise in a dozen, column, half low and half high bet. The 0 is not included in these groups and is therefore the casino’s trump card. Imagine that in American Roulette, besides the 0, there is also 00 on the wheel.

Double advantage for the house, isn’t it?

We recommend French and European Roulette, which have only one 0. These have a 2.7% advantage to the casino as opposed to 5.4% for the American version.

You may think that the margin is small, but it’s enough to lose you a lot of money. It’s a mathematical question.

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