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Free Online Poker vs Real Money Poker

We get a lot of questions about the differences between playing free online poker and playing online poker for real money. To answer those questions, we would like to address the differences between the two.

To be more specific, however, there are two main types of free online poker that we need to address differently – free social casino poker and free real money casino poker.

Social poker apps vs. real money Texas Holdem

Social apps for poker are those you’ll find on Facebook or through the app shop that don’t have a real money option attached to them. You can pay for a subscription to play more or get more chips, but the ability to cash out real money is not there.

These social poker apps are totally different from real money Texas Hold’em for several reasons:

  • The decks are often rigged in these games – Because they’re not real casinos, they don’t have to follow the same rules. Often, this means they spice up the action with better flops and better hands for all players. This can be more fun, but it can really restrict your view of what poker with real money will be like.

Free Online Poker vs Real Money Texas Hold’em

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First, the decks in these games will not be rigged. They will operate under the same random number generating distributors as real money games. This is good, as it starts to give you the ability to see how the cards will actually fall. Secondly, the players will still be a far cry from what you can expect in real money games because they still have nothing at risk. The only advantage of these social poker apps is that many players have hopes of switching to real money, so they can play a little longer in line.

Can you win money playing online Texas Hold’em? || 475

Yes! Online Texas Holdem games give you the ability to win big without having to leave the house. Additionally, poker is a game of skill played against other players and not the house. Because of this, it is completely possible to win real money online on a consistent basis. There are plenty of professional poker players around the world that make a consistent living playing online Texas Hold’em.

Texas Holdem Poker Real Money Bonuses and VIP Rewards

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Another popular topic we have questions about are the different types of bonuses and rewards available to online Texas Holdem players. Here’s a quick summary of the different options. All of the top real money Texas Holdem online casinos recommended in this guide offer some variation or a variation of all of these bonus programs.

  • Texas Holdem Deposit Bonuses.
  • Rakeback or Cashback | || 486.
  • VIP Reward Points.
  • Free Tournament Tickets.
  • Freerolls.

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