Texas Hold'em

Reasons to play Texas Hold’em for real money

Games full of recreational players (not sharks) 

Unless you’re not a fan of money, you probably aren’t seeking out the toughest Texas Holdem games on the web. Smart players understand that game selection is critical to being a long-term winning player. But it’s impossible to game select properly if all of your options are tables filled with professional players.

For this reason, all of the real money online Texas Holdem sites we recommend are filled with recreational players. Our review teams are staffed by professional poker players who regularly test the sites we recommend to make sure the games are still profitable. Even if you’re not looking to make money playing poker, it will help stretch your entertainment dollars that much further.

Cash Tournament Action, Sit and Go and Multi-Table

Online Texas Hold'em

For a real money Texas Holdem site to be worth your time, there needs to be enough action available. Before we recommend an option, we ensure that there is regular action available in all Texas Hold’em formats.

Smooth table animations and quality game controls

Regardless of whether you’re playing for fun or to win money, you want a poker site with smooth animations, high-quality graphics and, most importantly, easy-to-use game controls. When the interface is confusing and unfriendly, it not only diminishes the quality of your experience, but also creates the opportunity for mistakes. It is very difficult to win playing Texas Hold’em online if you are constantly making wrong clicks, paying when you want to fold and/or betting incorrect amounts.

Deposit bonuses, rakeback and VIP programs

Many of the best real money Texas Hold’em online poker rooms offer great perks for loyal players. While you should never base your decision solely on where to play Texas Holdem online based on promotions, it can be a great way to decide between some of the top options. All of the online poker rooms we recommend offer some sort of deposit bonus, rakeback program or VIP rewards. If they are handing out free online money just for playing poker, we want you to be able to take advantage of it.

Tips for choosing the best real money Texas Holdem sites

Real money Texas Hold'em

Knowing what makes the best real money Texas Holdem sites rank above the rest is an important first step in choosing the best poker room for you. But to help you in the selection process, here are some additional tips to help you make the right selection.

  • Check player volumes when you plan to play.
  • Use the fun money tables to better evaluate the interface.
  • Confirm deposit and withdrawal options.
  • Check for Overlays, Tournament Series, and Upcoming Events.
  • Check player volumes when you plan to play.

If you like to play online poker during the day, it doesn’t help if the venue is crowded at night but a ghost town during the day. When you’re choosing the best real money Texas Holdem option for you, log into the site during the hours you plan to play. See what the volume levels look like and determine if they are enough for you. If things seem slow, check again on a different day, as sometimes there are slow days.

 If you like to play during the day and live in the US… you might want to join a Texas Hold’em poker room with predominantly European players. Nighttime is usually the busiest time for a poker room, so you’ll struggle to get much action during the day in the US. But due to time zone differences, it will be night time in Europe.

 If you like smaller tournaments and less aggressive action… you’ll have good luck with US poker rooms during the day.

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